Mick is affable, courteous, educated and sensible.  His forte is his ability to communicate and to think calmly outside the box when necessary to troubleshoot.  I have to mention that his sense of humor is a bonus and it has often diffused situations.  I had to coordinate with him and subs from long distance and he was my eyes and ears when I could not physically be on the job site.  It also required utmost trust, rapport and dependability.  My dad originally built the house he remodeled so the quality and integrity of his work was imperative.  Although he has worked on many different styles of houses, he understood and incorporated the aesthetic of my designer and myself. 

                                                                                   ~Phyllis T. -House remodel in Menlo Park, CA


"Before the backyard cottage broke ground we were apprehensive. We were immediately reassured by Mick. Mick has the calm of presence during what could have been a stressful process. The entire project start to finish Mick was easy to work with. His high standard of workmanship, promptness and thoroughness made for a smooth process. Mick made the entire project less stressful for us. He kept us informed and included us in as much of the process as we wanted. The job site was clean, tidy and respectful." 

"Would we do it all again? In a heartbeat! What an amazing backyard cottage!"


                                                                                     ~Kim S. and Melani C. -Cottage in El Cerrito, CA


"Mick is the best contractor we work with because he represents New Avenue's brand well. His quality is second to none and he can manage projects that range from little weekend projects up to significant estate properties."

"He can foresee issues before they arise and saves everyone the headaches and hassles that come with any remodeling or construction project. When a typical contractor would be whining about a problem and wants a change order, Mick is the type of person who predicted what would happen, had planned on it and as a result you never even hear about it. It doesn't get any better than that."

"He gets a job done on time and on budget."


                                                                                    ~Kevin C., -Multiple small home projects in Berkeley and Bay Area


"We hired Mick in the Fall of 2013 to build a small cottage in our back yard. We interviewed several general contractors and decided to go with him as he was a small company and was also the best priced."

"We were immediately impressed with his attention to detail, desire to keep on schedule and respect for the rest of the property. We came across several points in the architect’s plan that needed some refinement and Mick came up with some great ideas to make our small space even more functional and pleasant."

"We were on a tight budget and he was always very communicative over how much any additions would cost, and had some creative ways to save some dollars too. We elected to do some of the painting and finish work ourselves and Mick was very supportive, giving us tips to get the job done correctly and easily. All of the work was done to a high standard and you can tell that Mick takes pride in his work – I think our cottage will still be here a thousand years from now !"

"We were also impressed with David, Mick’s assistant, and the sub-contractors were also top-notch, friendly, and had some great ideas."

"As with any big project, there were some misunderstandings along the way, but they were rectified quickly and with zero fuss. We liked Mick’s laid back style, and that didn’t compromise his professionalism in any way. We couldn’t be happier with our experience in working with Mick, and we’ve got a well built, quality structure to show for it."

"We’re actively recommending him to our friends, which couldn’t be a stronger endorsement."


                                                                                       ~Richard and Vanessa C. -Cottage in Concord, CA